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Comprehensive services for the

operation and support of your applications and systems

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Managed services and support of your applications and systems

IT is a crucial part of business operations for all companies. Therefore it has become a necessity that it runs smoothly. However, day-to-day business and a multitude of routine activities prevent companies from focusing on projects and new technologies and tie up valuable employees in tasks that are necessary but do not create direct added value.

Our Application Management offers managed services and support for your applications and systems. Outsourcing the management of your applications and infrastructure allows you to concentrate on business-critical processes.

We offer you help exactly where you need IT support and find customized solutions.

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Managed Services

As a managed services provider, we ensure the smooth operation of your business-critical applications and IT infrastructure. Your IT managers can concentrate on the key tasks that create value, since we take over cost-intensive routine activities such as the administration, maintenance and monitoring of your systems.

Our team can thus relieve your employees with expert know-how and reliably ensure the availability of your systems and applications.

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Premium Support

We want to support our customers in the best possible way and offer highest security for the business-critical use of their system environments. Through active monitoring and control of your software version status, our Premium Support offers you, in contrast to standard support, from the manufacturer, a plannable update. Through our use of a specific support system for each customer, we can better analyse the reported errors on our environment and correct them faster. Our Premium Support offers you comprehensive error analysis and sustainable error reproducibility.

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Managed (Cloud) Hosting

By using IT infrastructure components in the cloud, computing power, storage and databases can be quickly and easily adapted to your individual needs. In addition, higher system availability in the cloud is technically possible and economically feasible. From planning to optimization - we handle the entire design of your Managed Hosting Services, taking security issues into account. ISR's expert knowledge in IT infrastructure and managed services combined with the technologies of the market leaders in the infrastructure sector guarantees high quality services aligned with the individual business model.

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Solution Maintainance

Do you use an individual extension or solution and do you need support and maintenance? Our Solution Maintenance is available for adaptations based on products from various manufacturers. Maintaining individual extensions sometimes extend solution times. Our dedicated team of experts enables us to react quickly to your requests and to solve problems. Professional support and fast troubleshooting are essential for your solution to work smoothly. Our highest priority is a high level of quality as well as the satisfaction of our customers with our services.

Application Management Ansprechpartner

Jens Brettschneider
Head of Application Management
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