A formative partnership in Analytics & Automation


A formative partnership in Analytics & Automation

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IBM has come to stay

Our strategic partnership with IBM is almost as old as our company history itself! Since 1995 we have been one of the top trained business partners in Europe. We offer and provide development and implementation of related solutions in the areas of document, case and input management as well as data analysis and insights.

IBM Analytics

Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is the Building Block of a responsible information architecture. Powerful enterprise reporting functions are complemented by modern and KI-supported data exploration and self-service.

Watson Studio

The Watson studio is the universal analytics-shell, in which IBM-, 3rd party- and open-source-tools are more and more integrated. The data scientist has room to play, while the system administrator keeps the oversight and control.

Decision Optimization

There are decisions that can not be made by predicting a variable. In reality, there are complex systems with a dozen of restrictions. At this point, IBM Decision Optimization will get to their full potential and will find the optimal solution.

Infosphere DataStage

IBM Infosphere Datastage is part of Infosphere-Suite, with which the most complex data transformation are scalable and feasible. If required we will add the components for data quality, master data management and more.

IBM SPSS Modeler

The IBM SPSS Modeler is the tool suite for data scientists. It helps handling projects from data preparation up until model building and deployment. The tool is modular, has a graphic user interface and it is open for new technologies.

IBM Automation

FileNet P8 / Content Manager

For the implementation and design of digital or e-files, but also classically as document filing systems, we rely on the IBM FileNet Content Manager, among others, when developing case management solutions. This is a highly scalable platform for simple, secure storage and management of documents.

Business Automation Workflow

Based on DBA (Digital Business Automation), but much leaner, Business Automation Workflow is a license or software package that combines components of case management with business process management (BPM) in an integrated workflow solution.


With Datacap, incoming mail and mountains of documents can be processed quickly and efficiently as part of input management. It is mainly used to process data from unstructured or highly variable documents. The "collection" of documents and files is possible from all conceivable sources - from an organization's central scanner, e-mails, web interfaces, cloud services, physical folders in the file system to mobile devices.

Digital Business Automation

IBM Business Automation (DBA) refers to a (license) package that combines all the important components of an enterprise-wide enterprise content management (ECM) solution under one roof. It combines functionalities that are used for efficient and collaborative handling of business processes. From Input Management to the rules engine, everything is included!

Case Manager

The Case Manager adds a process level to the Content Manager (as DMS). This helps to organize and manage processes in the context of case management. Therefor, additional workflows or tasks can be mapped.

Datacap Industry Accelerator

IBM Datacap Industry Accelerator is a new asset from IBM that builds on Datacap Insight to significantly expand the capabilities of cognitive data capture solutions. In addition, there are functionalities for monitoring, analysis and reporting of the data collection process. This not only serves to identify weak points and optimization possibilities, but also forms the basis for the use of machine learning functionalities in capture solutions.



Thorsten Stefanski
Head of Analytics & Insights