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Process optimization made easy!

Our Application Management offers software products that optimize the organizational business processes of our customers. Our three products — Information Office, Accounts Payable Flow and Contract Manager — help our customers to digitize their business processes, automate their invoicing processes and manage their data and documents through an electronic contract file. Thanks to our innovative product development, which constantly enhances our products, we offer our customers solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Information Office
The ISR Information Office combines BPM processes with electronic records and collaboration. It further offers optimal integration into your existing systems. The individual functionality in the customer project is generated by customizing and individual additional development. By linking collaboration systems, workflow tasks, master data and documents, you can digitize your organizational business processes.

Accounts Payable Flow

ISR Accounts Payable Flow mainly focuses on structuring workflows. It manages the individual invoice process steps by providing support in handling content, deadlines and release processes. Our product offers the possibility to pre-define responsibilities and accesses on the basis of a role structure and to implement them reliably. To ensure that invoice processes are running economically and securely, ISR Accounts Payable Flow provides a basis on which invoice and process data can be combined and made accessible in a virtual file. A perfect basis to work collaboratively on incoming data.

Contract Manager
The ISR Contract Manager ensures full control over your processes. Manage all contract data in one central and safe location. To maintain full control of your contracts at all times, it is essential to be able to find the relevant information and make it available for reliable decisions. Another advantage is the support for handling contract content, deadlines and release processes. By providing support, we help you to increase your productivity and profits while reducing your operational costs.



Jens Brettschneider
Head of Application Management