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Smaller manufacturers offer great special and niche solutions

Together with our smaller technology partners we develop big

Together we are stronger

Together with our smaller technology partners we develop big

Together we are stronger

Whether incoming mail processing, OCR or modeling business processes. During the conception and development, we use proven and familiar technologies to jointly generate the greatest potential of our solutions for you in the context of case and workflow management.


With the help of the cross-industry low-code digitization platform, companies can not only optimize their workflows, but also efficiently manage their data and documents at the same time - by digitizing their business processes.

Camuda BPM

Camunda BPM describes a platform for modeling, automation and implementation of workflows and business processes, but also for decision automation. Bonus factor: the whole thing can be used as an open source.

Levigo works in the background: displaying documents or images in applications. If the document or image is not loading quickly enough, the user's frustration is high. Levigo Business IT offers different viewing technologies in the course of workflow or document management systems.

insiders smart FIX

Within the framework of input management, you have the choice between many software providers to manage your incoming mails, huge amount of documents and input sources - with smart FIX input management becomes easy. smart FIX comes with ready-to-use interfaces for controlling stacks, configuring the solution itself and verifying the document stacks. Thanks to its own scripting language, there is nothing to stop you from expanding the functions that may be required.


d.velop AG develops and markets software for the continuous digitalization of business processes and industry-specific procedures. Our IT experts take care of your d.velop applications. Whether it is executing maintenance measures or solving system problems - we operate your applications reliably and efficiently. Besides, we also offer to operate your IT infrastructure - including, for example, the provision of servers, network capacities and storage space. Important note: This can also be realized via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.



Cihan Klingsporn
Manager Sales & Marketing | Digital Operations