Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services aka AWS

AWS is one of the most popular cloud computing services. Millions of customers from various industries worldwide already rely on this provider. AWS offers a wide range of comprehensive, virtual cloud products in a very customer-friendly manner, where only actually used products are billed and long contractual obligations are avoided.

Why should you use AWS?

This question quickly arises since there are many other cloud providers next to AWS. In the folowing, we highlight six good reasons why we frequently rely on AWS in our projects and why we started working with AWS in 2016 in the first place:

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You only pay for what you actually use; up-front investments are not necessary.

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AWS allows access to storage resources that can be expanded and reduced as needed.

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Global network

Currently, AWS is available worldwide with 69 availability zones within 22 regions and additional zones are currently being planned.

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AWS services offer many automation potentials such as the automation of workflows.

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AWS offers a reliable infrastructure that is constantly maintained and improved.

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AWS takes care of the protection and security of your data.

The extensive range of AWS products

Advantage: The right solution can be found for almost every application.

Disadvantage: As a newcomer it is difficult to keep the overview.

We pass on our knowledge

  • We have been working with AWS cloud technologies since 2016
  • We are a provider of digital services in the AWS Marketplace
  • Since mid-2018 we are AWS-Consulting-Partner

Several AWS services for your success

With over 175 services from AWS, you can reduce costs, become more flexible and faster. AWS is committed to continually developing and expanding its services to help you on your path to a long-term success.

The components of AWS include

EC2, the virtual server, which can be used by the companies.

Via the file hosting service S3 any amount of data can be stored safe and cheap.

Companies can choose from various virtual databases based on, for example, Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

AWS offers various tools for customer management, such as a cloud-based contact center.

AWS offers numerous tools that support not only development, but also analysis, testing and more.

Here, applications are provided by numerous independent providers. Whether IoT, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence – there are various options.

The development of applications and services takes place without the usual server processes. With positive effects on infrastructure management.