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The amount and variety of available data in companies is constantly increasing. At the same time, the markets are permanently becoming faster, which leads to the pressure of making frequent and quicker decisions based on this data. In many cases, decisions are made partially or fully automated. These changes require adjustments to existing analytics concepts and systems. ISR supports its customers in making the necessary adjustments, from the functional, technical and organizational design to the implementation and operation of the solution.


Get to the bottom of the data with ISR

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence enable you to make human or automated decisions correctly. As a manufacturer-independent solution partner, we define your BI strategy with you at a "round table" - and implement the BI roadmap together! Whether you want to set up a new system or modernize an existing one, we guarantee a successful outcome.

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Advanced Analytics

Traditional business intelligence tools focus on the historical analysis and presentation of your business figures only - "Advanced Analytics" goes one step further. Generate previously unknown knowledge from your data using advanced analysis methods such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Advanced Analytics helps you optimzing business processes and decisions.

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Data Management

The importance of the database as a source of knowledge in the company is nowadays generally known and accepted. However, the development and use of the knowledge contained in corporate data still poses challenges for many companies. Face up to these challenges: Because data is knowledge. And knowledge is power. This is especially true if the knowledge is buried under large amounts of data, hidden in poorly structured formats or only usable within a short time frame. We support our customers in building a modern analytics architecture. From the first strategic steps to the production environment.

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Big Data & Smart Data
The character of data warehouse systems will change. They will not only be a place of central data storage, but in the future they will orchestrate distributed systems and complex data communication processes. This requires new technologies that take over this orchestration on the basis of cross-system metadata. We support our customers in gradually opening up the possibilities of digital transformation and using data management to overcome the challenges posed by the enormous quantities and diversity of data.

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Planning is increasingly important for companies. The better a plan is integrated, the more accurate the results are. The efficiency of planning processes is therefore becoming increasingly important. With many years of experience in optimization and implementation of IBM and SAP technologies and combining our professional expertise with our knowledge, we work with you to accelerate your planning!

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