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The Digital Workplace
One software for all documents, files und processes

The ISR Information Office manages your files and processes transparently and securely in one central location. The combination of a cross-company collaboration system, data management, digital filing, automated review and approval processes, offers the opportunity to digitalise your organisational business processes tailored to your needs.
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Digital Business Processes
The ISR Information Office optimises and digitalises all business processes in your company (e.g. quotation releases, purchase requisitions, order processing, sales processes). The pre-definable role structure ensures that competences can be set for the automated checking and approval processes so that they are secured in advance. In addition, our tool has a reminder and deadline management function.
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Digital Files
The Digital Workspace guarantees compliant central storage and audit-proof archiving of documents and files such as orders, quotations and order confirmations. All information and up-to-date information on the status of the process can be found directly at a glance in the digital file. Past changes can also be traced in the history. Thanks to the secure authorisation concept, confidential information is kept safe.
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Collaboration Tool
The Information Office makes it much easier to collaborate on digital files and processes. In your Digital Workplace, you can not only structure, organise and directly distribute tasks in the process. Smooth collaboration and communication is also centralised within a single application.
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Data Management System
The ISR Information Office brings together a wide variety of data in your company. The connection of third-party systems from ERP and financial accounting enables communication between the systems and the connection of information. In this way, master data can be automatically compared both externally and internally, and company-wide searches for documents and data can be carried out via full text search.
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Transparency & Dashboards
Meaningful ad-hoc reports, analyses and the company-wide search ensure that information requests can be processed immediately. The reporting function with export to CSV format generates your own reports and the transparency of all documents and processes in your company is always ensured. In the dashboards, all data is visually presented in a transparent way and the display can be individually adapted to your needs.
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Individual Configuration & Administration
We configure your Digital Workplace individually according to your requirements. No matter which ERP, archive and third-party systems you use, the ISR Information Office links all files in a central secure location. The administration area allows you to make comprehensive settings for user and role management, your processes and workflows, as well as other general settings.

All devices, at any time!

The ISR Information Office not only offers full access and overview of your business processes at your workplace, but also conveniently while on the move. Whether laptop, tablet, mobile phone or classic PC – you always have full control over your processes.

All devices, at any time!

ISR Information Office
Automatic Processes

The ISR Information Office digitises and automates all processes in your company. For example, you can implement order processing or a purchase requisition process in your Digital Workplace, adapted to the needs of your company. It is also possible to map a digital sales process – from the offer to the order invoice. The software module for contract management can also create links between the outgoing invoice and the associated contract.
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Your benefits using the
ISR Digital Workplace

Reasons ISR Information Office

Compliance & Safety

You don’t have to worry about the security and confidentiality of your data and files. Authorisations can be individually adapted to the company within the application. Furthermore, we comply with all information security standards according to ISO 27001 and your systems are hosted exclusively in Germany.

ISO 27001

Securely SSL-encoded
Developed and hosted in Germany


Adapted to your needs and the existing ERP and archive systems, we have the right offer for you. We seamlessly integrate our software into your existing system landscape (including SAP, Datev, AWS, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft).
Deployment behind your firewalls for inhouse security: On-premise means that the ISR Information Office is installed on a server at your company location and seamlessly integrated into your system landscape. This is perfect for projects with secure infrastructure and capacity overhangs.
Rapid deployment in our secure global cloud: With a cloud-based solution, you access the servers of a secure data centre and use the ISR Information Office from there. This is perfect for agile projects that need to be up and running quickly.

Connection to extended applications through further
ISR Software Modules

Not in the mood for a dozen different systems? Companies also have more complex, sensitive files and processes such as contract management and invoice processing. For this, we at ISR have developed ready-made specialist applications with Accounts Payable Flow and the Contract Manager. And do you know what the best thing is? The ISR software has a flexible modular structure, so that you can easily add these two components to us as another piece of the puzzle. This way, you continue to work centrally in a digital workplace and can link, view and find data between the systems.

Next steps towards the
ISR Information Office

Are you wondering what your next steps towards the digital workplace might look like? Arrange a personal, non-binding live demo to get to know us and our software.